New Look

I spent a lot of time this weekend updating my blog.  It took a lot of time to find just the right background and including just the right “extras” in the side bar.  I am REALLY happy with the way things turned out.  I know I have been attracted to super clean blog layouts;  that is why I chose the theme that I did.  I love how clean it is and how the pictures of my layouts really take center stage.  This new format looks really professional  to me and I am super proud of how all my efforts manifested into a blog I can say I am super proud of.

Please, take a few minutes to look around and tell me what you think of the new style and what you think I need to do next.  While I have had this blog  for MANY years now, I have never really felt it was “complete”.  Tell me what you think because you are the reason that I keep this up to date and put in time to try to make it the best creative space that I can.

I also want to take a moment to address how rapidly I compose posts and the amount of typos and stupid writing mistakes that I make.  I have an English Degree.  I know better than to make some of the mistakes that I do…  I just type quickly and I often don’t go back to proofread.   I apologize if any errors are jarring to you… I normally correct them as soon as I see them.  Thank you for sticking with me despite my occasional verbal diarrhea.  I am definitely guilty of committing some of these word crimes on the blog.  All I can do is hang my head in shame.  I give myself a failing grade.


I am looking forward to reading tons of comments! Don’t be shy!

Bubbles Everywhere with Webster’s Pages – Strawberry Fields

I am really loving the Strawberry Fields collection from Webster’s pages…  after working with it I really wish I had more.  I am especially in love with this vellum paper.  I am thankful that I picked up two sheets of it… I have spread one sheet across three layouts so far… and I still have a tiny scrap that will get used somewhere.

The Layout



The Details








Sweet Treats With Mom with Webster’s Pages – Strawberry Fields

My mom  asked  today if I still had the ability to write about my layouts.  I had to assure her that I could still write on my blog and that I was not limited to only showing pictures.  I suppose the question was fair enough… I haven’t really been adding any description to the layouts I post.  Some of that is intentional… I am just happy that I am getting some scrapping done and have found time to take and upload pictures.  I am sorry, if there are those of you out there that hang on my every word (ha ha!!!  I am not that good).

The offer to describe things in more detail is always there.  Just let me know if it is worth taking the time to describe what I have done in greater detail (in other words, LEAVE ME COMMENTS!!!!  I, like most bloggers, love to hear what you have to say and what you would like to hear me say).

The Layout



The Details






The Corn Crib with Fancy Pants Everyday Circus

I have really enjoyed working with Fancy Pants products lately.  They have really seemed to up their game with the most recent collections.  My only disappointment with Everyday Circus is that there aren’t any frames in the collection.  That breaks the heart of this frame loving scrapper…  Frames have become an essential part of my style; thank goodness for all the Crate Paper frames in my stash!

The Layout



The Details